Then our bodies touched
The way we knew each other
Would never be the same
from Discovering Lives

I saw the weather report this morning
Slight chance of volcano later in the day
from Post-Present World

Poem Stories

What need do I have
For symbols anymore
from Ten Dead Springs

I can do anything
Until I can’t do it
Something more important
If only I knew it
from Some Secret Answer

These Stories are complex and resemble poems to varying degrees. The density of language, mystery of content or non-standard structure might lead some purists to label them as "weird". Or put another way, these Lyrics might even have "no commercial potential" (in the Lyrical spirit of the legendary Mothers album, "Freak Out"). But these Lyrics can absolutely be incorporated into your music if an idea or concept piques your interest. You will discover plenty of unusual and intriguing lines/phrases/words in this category. It is likely, though, that we will have to perform some amount of manipulation or truncation to arrive at a usable or listenable Song Lyric.

But, who knows, the result may be rewarding...just sayin'.

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