Then our bodies touched
The way we knew each other
Would never be the same
from Discovering Lives

I saw the weather report this morning
Slight chance of volcano later in the day
from Post-Present World

Poem Stories

What need do I have
For symbols anymore
from Ten Dead Springs

I can do anything
Until I can’t do it
Something more important
If only I knew it
from Some Secret Answer

Poem Stories are a bit complex and thus resemble "Poems" to a certain degree. It could be the density of language, the mystery of content, the unusual structure, etc., that might contribute to the sense of these Lyrics being out-of-the-ordinary (or "non-commercial" if you prefer). Of course, I am aware that for song lyrics, this may not be a popular or profitable strategy. But any one of these Lyrics can become unique and memorable in its own way. There are, in fact, plenty of intriguing or enchanting lines/phrases/words in these works that will capture a listener's imagination without question. We will likely have to manipulate or amputate words to create a quality song but it can be done as long as this corresponds to the path of your artistic journey.

A long hallway with arches and columns in it