There were saviors above
There were saviors below
We had so much to love
We had so much to know
from Eden’s Alley

If we could stop the world
If we really could
We should stop it now
from Just Love Now

Lyric Stories

Every love’s the same
Just in different ways
from Prism Of Love

For the pain we felt
We were never prepared
For the joy we felt
We should always be glad
from We Couldn’t Even Say Goodbye


These Lyrics typically use a "standard" song structure with language and design formats that are commonly used in the mainstream music marketplace. Just about every Lyric in this category has a Story-Line with rhyme scheme, structure and narrative to support the Title. All lyrical components serve to keep the listener's interest with the goal of creating a successful collaboration. Some of the concepts and ideas behind these Lyrics might seem unexpected or wildly original but the objective is to make each Lyric unique and memorable. And there are enough Lyrics in this category to please just about every taste, vision, desire or least I hope so.  

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