A spoonful of my spit weighs as much as K2
I’m pis-shy….I’m sewer-veined
I’m swamp-eyed….I’m neuter-brained
from I Despise This Moment

We’re Demon Dancers
We’re Dancin’ Demons
Two sides of the family tree
from Movin’ Funkily

Picture Stories

I listen to myself singing in tongues
I’m watching myself dance with the dead
from Out Of My Mind Over You

We keep looking in your eyes
We keep looking at the sky
And we keep on wanting more
from We Got The Streets To Ourselves


These Lyrics are based on the concept of keeping everything simple. The Title of each Lyric in this category is the primary Story. The Title functions like a splat of paint on a blank canvas and the narrative is a single interpretation of the Title. You will note that some of the splats are pretty surprising if not utterly improbable. The language and structural components are stripped down as much as possible and can easily be re-arranged, replaced, expanded, reduced, etc., for alternative interpretations as needed.